Let’s Build some Anatomy in the Classroom

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween Everyone,

Above is a snap shot of a Stick Around Puzzle I made about the Anatomy of a Creeper from Minecraft. You can download the puzzle for you iPad here Or use the QR Code creeperqr. I’ve decided to kick off “Tech Smash the Lego Classroom” starting today for the month of November. How does my exploding green creature above me fit into the entire idea? First of all, using Legos in the classroom isn’t new but in the last couple of years Legos are being used from Math to Social Studies and Technology. After all, Legos are building blocks that can create whatever your imagination can think of. For the month of November I will be doing lessons and projects that involve using Legos and Technology. In this case, my Creeper Anatomy Stick Around Puzzle is based off of a real anatomy toy for a Creeper you can pick up at any department store. The toy teaches people the make up of a creature, in this case a Creeper. Their are various lego sets for Minecraft and with Minecraft Edu being very big right now this was only fitting. In this case, I would have students put the Creeper together, see how the various parts of his body works and then build that same lesson into Stick Around. Hence, I “tech smashed” it.
Now, not all Minecraft characters have these kinds of sets but there are plenty of Legos and images to build these types of lessons. Here is what you can do:

1. Similar to the Creeper Anatomy, use dark and purple blocks and build an Everman with Legos. Then have students create their own Stick Around Puzzles based off of the Lego model. They can use the drawing tools or images taken from the web to create them. Have them turn them in through Google Classroom or a classroom Dropbox and have their fellow casemates play and evaluate the lesson.

2. Build a set up of Minecraft with Legos with an environment like desert, ocean or forest. What kind of characters exist in these type of an environments? How do they survive? Have students do research after building the sets and then create a report on these environments and how living creatures survive in these environments. Then build it in Minecraft if you are a Minecraft Edu School.

3. A third way is to create the various Minecraft creatures with Legos and then have students drawn at random to create an anatomy puzzle from them and have them uploaded and put on a QR Code that can be attached to these sets. Then have students scan the QR Codes and do the puzzles and turn in the completed puzzles.

These are only a few lessons and projects you can do with an introduction to Tech Smashing the Lego Classroom. Give it a try.


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