Purple Pumpkin Tech Super Smash for October 30th


Greetings everyone,

With October 31st just a day away and Epilepsy Awareness Month starting on Saturday, I thought I would create some Tech Super Smashes for your Pumpkins in the classroom before the final one tomorrow. Here is list of how you can Tech Smash your Purple Pumpkin.

1. Create a set of QR Codes for your classroom. These QR Codes can be short cuts to websites about the Purple Pumpkin Project, Epilepsy, Stick Around Puzzles and Voice Notes. Print them out and put them on a pumpkin in your classroom and have students scan them. They then can write up a summary of what they learned and what they would like to know more about in a Google Doc or classic sheet of paper and turn in.

2. Create a Purple Pumpkin digitally using Google Draw or Pic Collage and then use either Chatterbox or Blabberize to make your pumpkin speak. Have it do a 30 second presentation on what the Purple Pumpkin Project is or what Epilepsy Awareness Month is all about. Then use Google Presentation and create a digital Newsletter talking about Epilepsy Awareness.

3. If you are an iPad Classroom, use Stick Around to create a puzzle about the brain and give it to students. Then have them research on how seizures start and ways to treat them and then have them create their own Stick Around Puzzles and turn them in. Make sure they include a link to the Purple Pumpkin Project in one of their stickers.

4. Do you love to augment? Use Aurasma to target several purple items in the classroom starting with a purple pumpkin. Have the targets lead to websites or videos on Epilepsy Awareness.

5. Into the iBeacons for Education? Set them up similar to Aurasma but place the iBeacons to objects or books that talk about Epilepsy and various projects like the Purple Library Murals or eStudio in your area.

6. Love Kahoot or EdPuzzle? With Kahoot after you talk about Epilepsy and the Purple Pumpkin Project, create a Kahoot on it for your classroom. Do the same with EdPuzzle using several medical videos that teach and talk about the truths and myths on Epilepsy?

7. Love Reading with Pictures? Have students create a Comic Strip on the myths of Epilepsy and the truths and use Apps like Google Draw, Phoster and others to create flyers about teaching Epilepsy.

8. A final Purple Pumpkin Tech Smash is to create an App Dice that focuses on the various types of Apps that can teach about Epilepsy. Put them on a 6 or multiple sided dice and roll them. Have students create lessons or projects based off the App Smashes they discover.

These are only a handful of ways you can create a Purple Pumpkin Tech Smash. If you have any ideas or create any based off the eight I have listed. Please share, together we can teach Epilepsy Awareness this fall.


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