iBeacon Pumpkin App Dice Smash


Happy Tech Tuesday Everyone,

Today’s Pumpkin Tech Smash is based off of iBeacon. For those who don’t know, iBeacon is quickly starting to be used in education for scavenger hunts, App Smashes and more. Today’s Pumpkin Tech Smash is one I came up with when my son was running around with our pumpkins in the house and hiding them. Here is how it works for your classroom.

1. Create a mini movie using Apps like: Chatterpix, Tellagami, Puppet Pals or iMovie on a type of App Smash you want students to create with your classroom App Dice.

2. Upload the finished movie to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and then program the URL into your iBeacon.

3. Place one iBeacon on a pumpkin and then move it to a part of your classroom out of view or in a part of the school if you can.

4. Pick students at random and have them seek out the various iBeacon Pumpkins out and have them view your videos with instruction. If you want to go a step farther, place your type of App Dice inside the pumpkins so when the student finds them they have to use the App Dice that’s in the pumpkin.

5. Have students roll their App Dice and App Smash at least two Apps together. For Example, they have to create a singing pumpkin using Chatterpix and Green Screen by DoInk and then upload the final video to the classroom Google Drive or Google Classroom as an assignment.

This lesson/project will only take two days to complete. One day to make the videos and place the iBeacons with the pumpkins and then another day to complete the projects and turn them in. Give it a try this fall and start Tech Smashing those Pumpkins.


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