The Purple Pumpkin Project Tech Smash


Hello everyone and welcome to Pumpkin Tech Smash Week. All this week leading to October 31st, I will be doing tech smashes that involve pumpkins for teaching students in the classroom. Today, I’m kicking it all off with a project that is near to my heart. For many who don’t know, my wife has had epilepsy since she was six years old. The two of us, plus our families are involved with the Epilepsy Foundation and this year there is a movement known as the Purple Pumpkin Project. The project is to decorate pumpkins for the Fall or Halloween to help support Epilepsy Awareness and hopes for finding a cure. After decorating our pumpkins this week for the project I created some great classroom lessons you can teach using the project and help spread Epilepsy Awareness.

1. First one is simple, use a set of pumpkins and decorate them like the Purple Pumpkin Project. You can then share the creations on a classroom blog, Instagram or Twitter feed. Have students be creative with the project.

2. Create a classroom or have students work on a PowerPoint or Video presentation on what Epilepsy is and how people with Epilepsy control and handle it. You can use everything from iPad to Google Apps for Education to create your presentation.

3. Teach Like a Pirate and have students form groups where they build a purple pumpkin from the inside out. Have one student create seeds, one filling, the other shell and have a final one create a symbol for Epilepsy Awareness.

4. Use Google Draw or Pic Collage and create a collage of Purple Pumpkins about Epilepsy Awareness month for November and post it on a Padlet or digital board or classroom blog.

These are a few ideas you can use in the classroom to teach and spread Epilepsy Awareness. Give it a try today.


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