The Teach Like a Pirate Stick Around Giveaway


Greetings fellow educators and Pirates. I am offering a giveaway this week for a redemption code for Stick Around on the iPad. I’m looking for an educator who can create a great Teach Like a Pirate classroom lesson or project using tech and the educator with the best one will get the Stick Around Redemption Code. Please send me a tweet or respond to this post when you are ready.

One Reply to “The Teach Like a Pirate Stick Around Giveaway”

  1. As a culminating activity for their persuasive writing unit, fourth grade students will write an essay from the perspective of a turkey, explaining why turkey should not be served at Thanksgiving. Once the writing has been edited and ready to publish, students will find a creative commons image of a Turkey, upload it to Blabbarize, and record their persuasive essay as if the Turkey is talking. The final Blabbarize will be embedded on our class website, and shared out through our school’s Twitter account and class Remind account.

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