Stick Around the Digital Frame


This I was doing my morning tweet checks during breakfast when I came across a tweet by Jonathan R. Werner about using easy display Digital Pix frames that rotated QR Codes to Book Trailers for books. I was talking about this idea with our librarian and of course we don’t have extra digital frames hanging around but we do have iPads that could display a slide show on them the same way. Of course, I had to take this up a level and came up with a great Stick Around Teach like a Pirate Lesson using Stick Around, Instagram, QR Codes and being student lead.

1. The first is really simple, students take a selfie of themselves doing their favorite activity. If you are an Instagram classroom you can use pics of students doing their activities or classroom jobs and activities. Next, the student creates their own Stick Around Puzzle about themselves and what they enjoy doing in the classroom. They then send the final Stick Around Puzzle to the teacher and they can do this from email to uploading the assignment to Google Classroom.

2. Next, the teacher makes a QR Code from the link of the Stick Around Puzzle and gives it back to the student and they must make a slide with their pic, the QR Code and their name on the slide and add a few clip art pieces that best represent themselves and then turn in the slide the same way as they did the Stick Around Puzzle.

3. The teacher then assembles all the slides into a final PowerPoint using anything from Office to Google Slides and then displays the final presentation on their teacher or classroom iPad on continuous loop.

4. Students then scan the QR Code to download the Stick Around Puzzle to their iPads. They can do as many as they want depending on the class size but they can’t download their own.

5. Finally, the students make one more Stick Around Puzzle based off their classmates pictures, activities, and so forth as a type of mini biography and then turn it in to the teacher.

This should take a full week to complete, one day to do the first Stick Around Puzzle, another day to complete the slide with QR Code. Third day is doing the Stick Around scans on the slide show, then another day to complete the final Stick Around Puzzle and turn it in. Works great for 1:1 or the one iPad classroom. If you don’t have iPads you can also do this lesson with Smore, Google Slides and Educreations. Give it a try today.


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