30 Day Stick Around Challenge with the Google Classroom

Two and half weeks ago I began the 30 Day Stick Around Challenge. 30 days where I would create several Stick Around Projects or App Smashes and share them with all educators. I decided that in the last couple weeks of the challenge I would take the challenge a bit higher. For this one, I use Google Draw and Google Classroom with Stick Around.

One Moon Circles1. I created a model of a Hydrogen Atom in Google Draw. I then upload it as an assignment to my Google Classroom and assign.

2. Students see the assignment that they must make a Stick Around Puzzle using the Hydrogen Atom and must make three chemical reactions using the Hydrogen Atom.

images3. Students create their three chemical reaction Stick Around Puzzle. An example would be how Hydrogen is very combustable. Followed by taking two Hydrogen Atoms and combining one Oxygen Atom to make Water and finally stating that Hydrogen does not react with dilute acids.

4. Students then upload the final puzzle to their Google Classroom assignment and turn in.

There it is, a Stick Around Challenge using Google Classroom and Draw.


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