Puzzle with Words

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Does your classroom love puzzles? Do you love creating puzzles with Up in Pieces? Well, I have a great DIY in the Classroom for you. I was doing a Pinterest search and found a wonderful classroom activity where teachers took puzzles and wrote words on the back and the students would have to then find the matching word with it to assemble the puzzle. Well, of course I had to do this and also come up with some great Pure Genius and Teach like a Pirate Hook. So, if you have ever gone to Up in Pieces you can upload your photos and have them transform them into any type of puzzle. They even have an App that allows you to assemble digital puzzles and even allow you to order them through their website. I thought this would be a great idea to take both concepts and put them together in an wonderful creative alchemy. Have teachers use pictures of subjects like: reading, field trips, seasons, ect. Then when they receive their puzzle in the mail. Take it apart and then write words corresponding with the picture on the back of the puzzle piece and then have them match it with the puzzle board. If you order one that doesn’t use a frame. Put the puzzle together and then flip it around. Write out words that connect to each other such as synonym, antonyms, adverbs, homonyms, ect. The students will then have to assemble the puzzle pieces by matching the words with them. You can even do it where the words complete a full sentence. Once they have completed their puzzle, look at the words and then flip the puzzle over after sliding a card stock over it to show the finished picture and students will see how the words or sentences describe the puzzle. Give it a try.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle with Words

  1. This sounds like a fun and creative idea. We love hearing about new ways to use jigsaw puzzles, and especially love when these ways are incorporated in a learning environment. Thank you for the mention!

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