Tally UP!


Hey Tally, Tally, Tally! While it might be October we all know it will soon be voting time come November and thanks to that, I became inspired thanks to the newest book in my collection, Pure Genius by Don Wettrick. I just got a few pages into the book and I was hit by a wave of inspiration, so I jotted down some ideas that went well thinking about Tallies. So, all you Pirates, Mobile Tech and Wearable Tech Educators and Students get ready, here we go:

1. For Early elementary teach students how tallying works, the basic drawing of lines and how you count them. Next have students go around the classroom or out of the classroom and see if they can find tallies or what they can make a tally out of. They then return to their class and do a list of where they found their tallies or what could be used for making tallies. They can then later build their own tallies out of what they found or count using those objects.

2. If you are a Bridges Math from Math Learning Center school, there are several ways you can teach about Tallies. If you have the desktop or iPad Apps have students use Number Rack for counting. Then have them go to GeoBoard, Number Pieces or Pattern Shapes and create their own Tallies and then count them. Have the teacher do a number or math problem and have them recreate the numbers or number solution with Tallies created in Number Pieces, GeoBoard or Pattern Shapes.

3. If you have Google Glass and love to Teach like a Pirate, hold a mock election. Have two students run for office and explain why they should vote. Record the speeches separately  with the Google Glass and then play the finished video for the class and then have them vote who they believe is the best candidate. Then show how Tallying really works for counting up the votes to determine the winner.

4. Want a great Makey Makey Project. Have students create tallies from popsicle sticks with numbers given to each student. Make sure they attach a piece of foil to each stick to plug the Makey Makey into it and then run a music program through Scratch and see how using tallies can determine how many notes you can play through the Makey Makey and then tally up what ones did the most music.

5. Its time to roll out those App Dice, use two App Dice. One with creative Apps and the other with less used Apps. Roll them and see how many times the same App comes up on each of the die. Then tally up the results and make an App Smash with the most tallied up Apps. Great creative fun and really creates a differentiation of learning.


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