I’ve been working on the Chromecast all the Live Long Day


Greetings my fellow Chromecast teachers and users. I was reading about the GAFE Summit this weekend and several teachers were wondering how they could use Chromecast in the classroom. The Google Chromecast can do many streaming features from devices to Google Apps but many want to know how to use Chromecast for their classroom along with other Google Apps for Education. Well, everyone is in luck, all this week I’ll tell you how you can use your own Chromecast for Education. For my first lesson/creation I was at the local train museum with my family this weekend and Tyler was talking about comparing the real trains with Thomas and Friends and that’s when it hit me. One of the main features of Chromecast is streaming movies and music. So, here is how you can create a set of lessons with Chromecast and Google Apps.

1. Stream a set of the history of trains from the early steam engines to later diesel engines. Then stream two episodes of Thomas and Friends focusing one episode on the steam engines and the second one with the diesels. Then have students go to a Google Doc and have them write down the pros and cons of steam engines vs diesel train engines. Then have students create another Google Doc on the true basis of steam and diesel engines with Thomas and Friends episodes. This is a great history lesson for students to compare fact with fiction and the history of trains.

2. Similar to the first lesson, have the student watch the history of trains through the Chromecast movies. Then have students due research on their area and what the towns old and current train lines are. They then can create a Google Slides presentation on what lead to the rise and fall of the railroad system in their home area and how factors like the Great Depression and land development lead to their decline and rises. Great way to teach students on local history and current events.

3. Adding EdPuzzle into the mix, have students find two movies, one on modern trains and the other on classic trains. Then have the teacher create an Edpuzzle lesson based on both movies. Students will complete the Edpuzzle based on those movies.

4. For a final lesson with a little Teach like a Pirate, create three groups with your students. Then have one group create a play about a train station. The students assume the rolls of the various jobs on a train. The second group then must find a video that is similar to the play group 1 just created. The final group must then create a presentation in Google Slides about who each character was and what were their duties on a train and how those same positions are either still around or have been discontinued. Then all three groups must create a final play about the history of those positions from their early days to today.

Give them a try today.


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