GrooveBook your Stations


As you know, I have been posting a few GrooveBook ideas with Teach Like a Pirate to the Instagram Classroom. Well, I want to merge the two into one. As we know there are various stations in the classroom from Daily 5 to Math Stations. I wanted to put a little spin on the stations with Groovebook. It works pretty simply, for each of your stations, you will take a picture of a centered theme in the station or one you can use on a regular basis. Once you have your 100 photos send out and get that GrooveBook for $2.99. Once the album arrives your students get to pick which picture best represents the station. Once you have it, tear it out of the book and put it in the area. Once you do that, come up with some great ideas how you can center your station around the picture. If its Math Stations and you are using Fractions, ask them what Apps or tools do you you use in your Math Station with Fractions on a daily basis. Have your students build their new Student Centered Station around the ideas they come up with. Continue with this until your stations are complete. Then with the final pictures left, create your GrooveBook board showing your classroom busy in their stations or activities for everyone to see. Great for Open Houses.


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