Let’s Build some Anatomy in the Classroom

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween Everyone, Above is a snap shot of a Stick Around Puzzle I made about the Anatomy of a Creeper from Minecraft. You can download the puzzle for you iPad here Or use the QR Code . I’ve decided to kick off “Tech Smash the Lego Classroom” starting today for the month of November. How does my exploding green creature above me fit into the entire idea? First of all, using Legos in the classroom isn’t new but in the last couple of years Legos are being used from Math to Social Studies and Technology. After … Continue reading Let’s Build some Anatomy in the Classroom

Stick Around Teach like a Pirate Giveaway Winner, Stephanie Laird

I’m happy to announce the winner of my Stick Around Teach like a Pirate Giveraway winner is Stephanie Laird. She came up with this awesome Teach Like a Pirate Lesson: As a culminating activity for their persuasive writing unit, fourth grade students will write an essay from the perspective of a turkey, explaining why turkey should not be served at Thanksgiving. Once the writing has been edited and ready to publish, students will find a creative commons image of a Turkey, upload it to Blabbarize, and record their persuasive essay as if the Turkey is talking. The final Blabbarize will … Continue reading Stick Around Teach like a Pirate Giveaway Winner, Stephanie Laird

Purple Pumpkin Tech Super Smash for October 30th

Greetings everyone, With October 31st just a day away and Epilepsy Awareness Month starting on Saturday, I thought I would create some Tech Super Smashes for your Pumpkins in the classroom before the final one tomorrow. Here is list of how you can Tech Smash your Purple Pumpkin. 1. Create a set of QR Codes for your classroom. These QR Codes can be short cuts to websites about the Purple Pumpkin Project, Epilepsy, Stick Around Puzzles and Voice Notes. Print them out and put them on a pumpkin in your classroom and have students scan them. They then can write … Continue reading Purple Pumpkin Tech Super Smash for October 30th

Plicker, Plicker Pumpkin Picker

Hitting the midway point to the Pumpkin Tech Smash this week, I’m doing a very simple but elegant Tech Smash with Pumpkins using Plickers. 1. Download and set up your Plickers account on your mobile device. 2. Set up your classes and student ID numbers and print our Plicker cards and laminate them. 3. Take a group of pumpkins and┬áput the student card numbers on each one. 4. Now, create a quiz with Plickers and have students answer each question. 5. The top student who answers the most right picks their pumpkin. 6. Each pumpkin is assigned with a specific … Continue reading Plicker, Plicker Pumpkin Picker

iBeacon Pumpkin App Dice Smash

Happy Tech Tuesday Everyone, Today’s Pumpkin Tech Smash is based off of iBeacon. For those who don’t know, iBeacon is quickly starting to be used in education for scavenger hunts, App Smashes and more. Today’s Pumpkin Tech Smash is one I came up with when my son was running around with our pumpkins in the house and hiding them. Here is how it works for your classroom. 1. Create a mini movie using Apps like: Chatterpix, Tellagami, Puppet Pals or iMovie on a type of App Smash you want students to create with your classroom App Dice. 2. Upload the … Continue reading iBeacon Pumpkin App Dice Smash

The Purple Pumpkin Project Tech Smash

Hello everyone and welcome to Pumpkin Tech Smash Week. All this week leading to October 31st, I will be doing tech smashes that involve pumpkins for teaching students in the classroom. Today, I’m kicking it all off with a project that is near to my heart. For many who don’t know, my wife has had epilepsy since she was six years old. The two of us, plus our families are involved with the Epilepsy Foundation and this year there is a movement known as the Purple Pumpkin Project. The project is to decorate pumpkins for the Fall or Halloween to … Continue reading The Purple Pumpkin Project Tech Smash