Teach like a Pirate and Re enact those Famous Movie Scenes


For most schools its Homecoming Week. Time to get the school spirit on, crown a new king and queen, cheer on the team on Friday night and end it all with a nice dinner and dance. This week, we decided to re enact famous movie scenes our way. Its pretty simple, if everyone is dressed as the appropriate character, just do the still shots of the famous scenes but to add something a bit different, do it your way. Here I am doing a famous scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier but I’m dressed up as Bushido from DC Comics. After the photo, we discussed the differences between Bushido and the Winter Soldier. We talked about how Bushido knowing several forms of martial arts could still hit Captain America’s shield but it might not resinate the same since Bushido is using his regular hand the Winter Soldier had a cybernetic arm. We another picture taken with a teacher dressed up as Catwoman from the 1960s and another from the Batman Returns movie. Talked about the differences in fashion and design between the two decades. It was a great lesson, give it a try today.

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