Hold the iPhone: Starbucks App works great on App Dice

Above are brand new App Dice that were created by my 4 nieces (We have a video coming up later). As you can see, they used their favorite Apps on both their iPads and Chromebooks to make their dice. Two that were interesting choices were Starbucks and Hayday. Now, you are probably asking: “How can you use those in education?” Well, I had the girls roll their dice and when Starbucks came up, they started thinking of both goofy ways and very original ways to use Starbucks. My niece, Emma actually realized you could see how many Starbucks were in your area and see why there are so many within a certain block. What are those neighborhoods like and how much business could they have on a given time. I Heart it Came up too and my other niece, Lauren realized you could take various Pinterest Boards and make them one project theme and use them for a lesson. Hayday was one of the best, my niece, Hanna realized that you could play Hayday and then depending on your farm, could rebuild a better farm in Minecraft and then teach about agriculture in school using that and Google Slides and then use Google Classroom. Of course, my dear niece, Mia used Video Star and Green Screen to make a video on how talk  about classroom rules. My nieces are some great new App Smashers. Give a try with your favorite Apps and see how they can work in the classroom and of course, enjoy a frapachino at the same time.


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