Learning to Crawl the Spider-Man Timeline with Stick Around


I was at Ed Camp IL this weekend and I was talking about my favorite App, Stick Around and believe it or not, comic books came up in the conversation. Well, we started talking about Spider-Man over the years and how Learning to Crawl was coming to an end how it it didn’t do a bad job fitting in with the Untold Tales of Spider-Man series in the mid 1990s. That’s when it hit me, I love the Time Line template in Stick Around, and since Spider-Man has been around for over 50 years, there were a lot of real world events going on when Spider-Man was busy fighting Dr. Octopus for the first time. When the Black Costume first debut, when Kurt Busiek told the Untold Tale of how Mary Jane first discovered Peter Parker was Spider-Man and even Learning Crawl’s fourth issue last month. I thought wouldn’t it be great to teach world events when various issues of Spider-Man came out. I’m talking about major events in the life of Peter Parker from the Death of Gwen Stacy to the original Clone Saga. What was going on in the world in July 1963? What major events happened in June of 1986? How about just a few months ago when Amazing Spider-Man relaunched?

As a supporting of Reading with Pictures I thought this would be a great idea for teachers to get students learning about world history through the decades. Sure, you can go farther back with comics but Spider-Man is a big comic book icon. Students can learn about major events during the major issues of Spider-Man. What happens when they learn about a major trade agreements happened when Spider-Man graduated from high school in issue 35? How about when Spider-Man defeated the original Sinister Six, a major scandal was happening in the state government. The sky is the limit, this leads students to learn about history both at home and in the world. Spider-Man can help swing them there right thought Stick Around, have them create timeline puzzles and share with students and add in text or voice notes on what those events were. Its a great lesson in history with Spider-Man leading.


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