Who am I Teach Like a Pirate Badge


I wanted to share this Teach like a Pirate lesson. The entire World is a Stage Hook and Pantomime Hook are some of my favorites since my undergraduate is in theatre. I thought it would be great if a student or teacher dressed up like someone and they gave clues or were a mime and the students would have to make guesses who they were. To take it the next level, instead of the student or teacher saying who was right or wrong, they have a “Hello my Name is” badge that has a QR Code or Aurasma target image on it. The students or teacher would scan the badge at the end and find out who they were. To go another step the code could take them to a website or video about that person for everyone to learn about. To finish it up, students then create their own characters and their own badges to complete the lesson. Simple and sweet and great for Social Study Teach Like a Pirate teachers.

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