Student Empathy with Stick Around


What is empathy? Its walking in another’s shoes to put it simply. There have been classroom empathy lessons and projects since I was in grade school. I was reading What is Under your Cape? last night and Chapter 4 “E is for Empathy” that struck a chord with me. How can a student learn Empathy? How can there be ways to teach Empathy to students? It didn’t take me long to look as far as my favorite iPad App, Stick Around to find a way for students to create and learn empathy. Stick Around is a puzzle creation App that works across all avenues of eduction from PK to college. In my school after students have solved Stick Around puzzles created by their teachers. They have to later create their own and I thought I would take it a step further. The teacher creates a daily or weekly empathy lesson. They just create an unfitted puzzle with the various questions of putting a student in someone else’s shoes or situation. I decided to go very simple with this: You are going to Adopt a Dog what do you do? The student has the list of questions and they have the choices of placing the stickers to answer the questions. They can use text, images, voices, links to created videos or a combination. They get the puzzle and then finish it and then show it to the teacher or send it to them through various means from Google Drive to email.

This works great with teaching anti-bullying, traveling, creating projects and more. Its an Empathy puzzle and the students must complete the puzzle with their own words. Try it today.


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