A Modern Pirate Tale of The Odyssey by Homer


A few days ago, I was talking about my former comic book collection with a friend of mine. They were telling  me to rebuild it, I should just go digital for a while since it would be well within my budget (and easier to store) than my paper books. I said I was looking into it for the end of the year. We also talked about one series that we enjoyed but had jumped on and off over the years. I told him that Wonder Woman was a favorite of mine since it dealt with modern spins on Greek Mythology and an idea hit me. Just last year, I saw a group of students who used iPads and crafts to tell a modern day telling of The Odyssey by Homer. I also remembered during the early to mid 80s there was a cartoon series called Ulysses 31 which was sci-fi spin on the classic story set in the 31st century. Well, as we know the Classroom is a Stage and there is plenty of Creative Alchemy in TLAP and I came up with some great ways to have your students tell The Odyssey in a great way using iPads, Google Apps, Google Glass, Makey Makey and yes the classic costume show with modern clothes.

1. For iPad and Google Apps, students can create a digital story using modern picture of The Odyssey from everything from Book Creator, to Tellagmi to PowerPoints. Have them tell The Odyssey this way. Have the greek gods use cellphones or 3D screens to talk to Ulysses and his crew.

2. If you have Google Glass use it to view the players of the play from the greek gods POV. As they see everything in a digital aspect.

3. A great way to incorporate a modern telling is have a set of students act out The Odyssey from a 2014 POV. Have the greek gods be a big corporation and have the various players from the Cyclops to Cerci be micro manager and have Ulysses be the underdog employee trying to make his way through the company. Have cellphones and Hangout Chats to be how the greek gods communicate with each other. There are many ways to do this.

These are only a handful of ideas to use to create your own telling of The Odyssey in a creative and fun way. Give a try.


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