Teach like a Pirate with Aurasma


Hello there matey. As you know for almost 2 weeks now I have been Teaching like a Pirate with my various lessons and I have been loving it. Well, I found out today there is a 30 Day Teach Like a Pirate Hook Challenge. Which means for the next 30 days can you incorporate a TLAP Hook into your classroom? Well, I’ve been doing it both on here and in the classroom and today I have a nice one. As some of you know, Dot Day is coming up and I have been working with my teachers to come up with some great ones with the iPad. Its very creative alchemy when you use Apps like Aurasma and coLAR Mix to augment the classroom on Dot Day. With that said, we have a kids’ business store coming up soon and I immediately thought about using Aurasma with the Craft store Hook. Its pretty simple, students create items to sell from making origami crafts to play-doh to original artwork. However, instead of the students trying to create a slogan or tell about the product. I have the students make an Aurasma out of their crafts. Since the Aurasma can be used on both IOS and Android devices it makes for a great way to use tech in the classroom with TLAP.

The students use Apps like, iMovie, Chatterpix, Tellagmi, Do Ink Green Screen or other movie filming apps to sell their product. They then take their device and scan their item to be the trigger for their Aura and use the video they just created. Make sure its public on their classroom Aurasma Channel and its ready to go. Now, students take their device and use the Aurasma App to scan the various crafts and trigger the videos for it and then they can use paper money or digital money through an online resources like Google Drive to buy their items. This is a fun way to promote creativity through both traditional crafts and add a little alchemy with Aurasma and related Apps. Give it a try today.

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