The dreamt App Dice App


  Above me is the original concept artwork for an App I was trying to get created, Rollout. The App was designed to be a digital App Dice and more. The original idea came to be in May of 2014 and I had three people who were very interested in having the App created. I didn’t want it to just be a digital version of an App Dice, I wanted students and teachers to be able to create Mind Maps with it by dragging images and connecting them similar to Popplet. Import pictures directly from the web, import sounds, videos and create Dice Games for Learning with Rollout. I even had a special template creation figure that would also allow users to create their own dice templates and then be able to print them out or export them as digital versions to other iPads that could be imported onto another device and used. Sadly, several times over the course of the summer of 2014 delayed it more and more and now, sadly it looks like Rollout will never be. 

  Its not that there wasn’t interest it was trying to find the right people to make it work. Any programer or educator who has created their own App will know where I’m coming from. It requires a lot of work, time, money and of course constant updates and development. While I still see Rollout someday materializing in some form with me hopefully still being a part of its creation. It does serve as a reminder to keep on trying. When I came up with the first idea behind App Dice, it caught on with some educators immediately while others still questioned how to use them or how it could so beneficial for learning and productivity. Seeing so many educators and students using App Dice all around the world brings a smile to my face. While the true goal of Rollout might never see its full potential what is represents is far more powerful. That a simple idea can become a new type of learning and a new type of fun for education. I am very proud of what App Dice has become since I first put the idea to use this past spring and I will continue to develop new ways of using App Dice in education for all ecosystems from IOS to Minecraft. The dream of having its own App might not have happened but the inspiration that it has created is far more powerful than any type of digital application. 


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