Teach like a Pirate with an Apple Watch


  Well, the big news today was not just the iPhone 6 and 6+ but about the long awaited Apple Watch. While a bit pricey for me with my current budget I could help but start to see so much educational use for it. I turned to my Teach like a Pirate book and I saw about over a dozen ways I could use the Apple Watch in the classroom. Starting today I want to start inspiring educators on how they can use the upcoming Apple Watch and IOS 8 for some great Tech Smash lessons and of plenty of Teach like a Pirate projects and lessons. So, without further a duo let’s get this lesson going. 

imgres  One of the first ideas I had after I saw the pulse abilities to the Apple Watch, I thought about the Mystery Bag Hook from Teach like a Pirate. Now, the Hook is pretty simple, a mystery box or bag that students can reach into either try to figure out by feeling inside or pulling out the items and being surprised by them. In this case, we use a white bag that isn’t see through, we have the teacher wear one Apple Watch and there is another Apple Watch inside the bag. Then use the synch ability to have the Apple Watch inside the bag pulse to the rhythm of the teacher’s pulse. The Apple Watch inside will flash and the teacher will then do movement to speed up his pulse. This will cause the bag Apple Watch to flash faster and then the teacher will calm down and as he does the pulsing bag watch will start to slow down. The teacher explains how when you work yourself up your heart rate goes up or if we feel excited or stressed. When the teacher relaxes or stays calm, his pulse slows. The teacher then lets a few students try on the Apple Watch and they practice moving fast or slow and seeing the pulses change inside the bag. This is a great way to introduce kinetics into the lesson. After that, the teacher has students reach into the bag while wearing the Apple Watch telling them there is something for everyone in the bag and one of the items is the second Apple Watch but they can’t peak in as they reach into the bag. Each student take turns pulling an item out of the bag and its a great way to see how excited or how calm the students are as they try to get the watch.images

   Now, while one student will get the other Apple Watch, here is what else you place in the bag depending on the size of your class. Place the following items in the bag: a compass, an iBeacon, a map of the building/classroom, an App Dice and three cans of play-doh. Now, here is what happens after each student pulls their item out of the bag. The one who pulls out the iBeacon is then told by the teacher where to place it in the school. Then the teacher tells the students they have to go to where the iBeacon is located but they have to do it with what they have in hand. With the student who pulled the compass out, the student is told the iBeacon lies in a certain direction, North, South, North West, ect. They have to use the compass to get to where the iBeacon is. They will be timed by the teacher’s Apple Watch. The student with the Apple Watch can use the iBeacon App loaded on the watch to find it by homing in on the iBeacon. The student who has the map must find the location of the iBeacon using just the map. The Teacher will mark the spot not he map, the students who pulled out the play-doh must create their own version of an Apple Watch while the students seek out the iBeacon. The teacher will time how long it takes each of them to get to the iBeacon. He then sets them off to the iBeacon while he times while the other students use their play-doh. The student who pulled out the App Dice has to hold onto it until the exercise is over.

tlapdice2  After each student has made it to the iBeacon, the teacher will tell them their times to it then the next part of the lesson comes  up. The student with the Apple Watch will export his tracking information on the Apple Watch through the Health book to the teacher through an email. This will show the students heart rate, time and movement. The students who used the compass and the map must tell a story of their adventure to the iBeacon while the other students finish their play-doh Apple Watch. Now, comes the final part, the student who pulled out the App Dice will roll the dice to how the students will report their adventures or how they made their Apple Watch if they were using the play-doh. An example will be if the top of the App Dice comes up with Microsoft Word, they have to write a brief paper on their adventure to the iBeacon or why they design their play-doh Apple Watch the way they did. If the App Dice comes up with Explain Everything, they have to do a screencast on their adventure or play-doh creation. The list goes on and on. This about using creative alchemy and adding movement, health awareness, magic and the amazing hook and of course, the mystery bag hook. You also don’t even need to use an Apple Watch or iBeacon to create this lesson. You can do so much with the mystery bag items around the map, compass, play-doh and yes the App Dice. Give it a try this school year or next spring if you are one of the lucky educators that gets an Apple Watch and start Teaching like a Pirate today, matey!


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