Ok Glass, let’s help a person out in the Classroom

photo 4

   This past Friday a group of powerful storms flew through the Midwest, while areas where I live were only hit with some rain. Areas east of us were hit with winds that were hurricane strong. These storms took down trees, damaged shops and houses and caused messes all the way to Indiana. On Sunday, after church, my wife and son went to a friend of the family’s childhood farm. This farm laid on the far side of the Elgin, IL in a group of trees. We arrived and saw many, many trees down and other debris but fortunately, no damage to the old farm house. Melissa, Tyler and I spent a good hour taking away down branches and other pieces of wood that were bigger than us to the back woods and other spots to be disposed of. At one point I was walking it what used to be the old garden area and I looked pass the forest and saw an old house that was sadly not so fortunate. A large tree had smashed into the entire west part of the house destroying it. Luckily, no one had lived in the house for many years. We found that the owners of the area were planning on just having the house demolished. It was here that I came up with an original lesson for a classroom. When I arrived home and was eating my late lunch I was looking through my Teach like a Pirate book and looked on the Safari Hook lesson and then I started looking over some Google Glass information from a friend of mine who has a pair and that’s when it all came together.

   A teacher takes a pair of Google Glass and surveys an areas similar to the farm house, showing a first person point of view the damage and minor clean up of the area. They then interview the owner about what they plan on cleaning up the area and what steps they are planning on getting the area back to normal and also saying how things could have been worse. After recording this interview, the video is edited and presented to the class. The students then come up with their own plans on how they would clean up the area and also how to avoid larger problems from occurring in the future when another storm hits the area. Students would put together a Google Slides presentation for the lesson and then upload their final presentation to Google Classroom. They can use any other Google tools or devices at their disposal, this is very open to the class. They only have to use Google Slides and turn it in through their Google Classroom. Its very open ended but they get only three days to do it and do it originally. Give it a try and have students think outside the box.


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