Come and Knock on our Classroom Door, the Makey Makey and iPad are Waiting for You



  As you can tell, I have had my inspiration on fire today and I have so many projects and lessons to write out I and to post as many as possible due to some commitments I have this week. This last one today will really put four types of Teach Like a Pirate, Tech Smashing and App Smashing all together. Let’s get started shall we? I was sitting with my wife, Melissa the other night and we were watching Antenna TV (we don’t have cable). We were watching the end of Different Strokes and then the beginning of Threes Company and were just kind of moving to the theme songs. Melissa even mentioned how some TV shows these days don’t put as much effort in theme songs like they used to. She was right, only a hand full of shows these days put instrumental music or have an original theme song these days. Doesn’t matter if its a comedy, reality TV or drama. The next day I was sitting at coffee hour at our church talking to three of our teenage members who are triplets. They were talking about how they had to recreate classic TV show theme songs for their middle school band concert this year and I had a lightbulb go off above my head. Melissa saw this and went: “He has an idea.” Yes, I did and I really wanted to put everything I had been reading and learning the last few days together. 

   I came up with a project where students are shown several classic TV show introductions these would range from the 60s to the early 2000s. The teacher then asks the questions of what ones they liked and why. You would see that most students will enjoy theme songs they can move to or just enjoy the sequence of images that play with the theme song. I remember growing up with my grandparents, we had to watch Dallas every week and what I enjoyed the most was seeing the various ariel shots of Dallas during the theme song. It was so catchy as they showed the places in Texas followed by the actors as the theme rolled on by. I can also remember why I loved listening to all the Star Trek themes over the years seeing the images of the Enterprise or space as the music played in the background. I can even remember singing to the old Who’s the Boss song when I was watching Tony Danza pulling his classic blue van to Angela’s house. The point is, those songs and themes hit me so much I tried creating my own growing up. I would think of my own TV show and tried to create music with what ever I had. I remember taking a cardboard roll and hitting it on a shoe box and trying to make a drum sound. Now, we have iPads, Makey Makey and great Apps to make our own sounds. So, here is how you do this for your own classroom.

1. Students on day one will come up with an idea for a TV show and then think how the music will sound.

2. On the second day they have to decide what they can use to make their theme song and how to apply it. Apps like Garageband, Singing Fingers, Percussion, or iBone are great music creation Apps that any student can use to create music.

3. If they choose to use coding and tech, they can use a Makey Makey to create their own instruments from boxes to fruit and hook it through Scratch to make their own band to play their theme song. They can also use Jamstik if the classroom has one with the Garageband App to make up an original theme song.

4. The next day they have to apply the theme song to a type of introduction and the sky is the limit. They an add the theme song with a Powerpoint, Green Screen or Movie. Create a stop animation movie or even use Chatterpix on opens to play and sing the theme song.

5. They then present the their completed project the only catch is they have to be able to move to their own theme song. They either have to hum to it, sing along or move to the grove they have to have fun with their presentation. 


That’s it, have students make their own TV show theme song and enjoy. 



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