Time to Chart a New Path like a Pirate

photo 2

  Hello Everyone,

 After an incredible night after reading Teach Like a  Pirate I sadly had a quick turn around Saturday morning as they say: “The best laid plans.” Feeling down, I took the family grocery shopping and then later visited my nieces a few minutes away and my son, Tyler started playing with nieces, Lauren and Hanna who were playing ball with him. After a while, Tyler being his almost 4 year old self saw something in the garage. It was a pair of propeller spinner toys and the three of them were having a great time. My niece, Hanna made a comment that she should be using her chrome book to mark where the propellers were landing and that’s when it hit me. Why not create a Safari Hook lesson from page 92 of Teach Like a Pirate. The hook is about how you an get your class outside the four main walls of the classroom and I remember that my son came up home from Preschool with an anchor notepad the other day and I knew I had a great idea for a lesson with chromebooks, propeller launchers, Pebble Watch and an anchor notepad. It follows like so:

photo 31. Students take a set of 3 propeller launchers they usually retail for $3 each. A set of six students will launch the propellers and see where they land. 

2. Another set of students will take their chromebooks that have already been set to do a map of the area in Google Earth (no wi-fi needed if preset). They then mark the points on the map with Google Drawing according to where the propellers landed. 

3. Another student wearing a Pebble Watch sets their GPS up and then walks to each of the points on the ground and uses their anchor pad to draw their own version of a map. Like a pirate of old burying his treasure and making notes for himself to later add to a map.

4. Once this is finished, students return to the classroom and reconnect to the wi-fi and then see if the points they marked on Google Drawing match with where the student where the Pebble Watch said they went. 

5. They then cross reference both the digital map and the paper anchor map and create a final exploration map in Google Drawing again and then turn the assignment in.

photo 1

This lesson teaches students creativity, navigation and cross referencing locations and using simple tools to mark your locations. Its a lot of fun and makes your students feel like their are explorers of old venturing into the New World. Give it a try.


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