The Musical Treasure Hunt


  I was reviewing my Twitter feed during lunch yesterday when I came across this great Mashable on Lost Treasures. Right away I wanted to create a Teach Like a Pirate Tech Smash lesson but wasn’t quite sure how. Then I gained a new follower through Twitter, with iBone. The App allows anyone to practice and learn scales and songs as a play along and I knew I could Tech Smash this with the Jamstik and Garageband but how could I fit this in with TLAP? I didn’t have to go very far when I saw my son playing with his island toys and I realized you could fit the Makey Makey into this along with Scratch to create a piano playing code and before I knew it, I and a lesson. I even threw in the Pebble Watch to keep track. So, here is how you create this amazing Tech Smash.

MaKey Pico Trumpet Code 23380418_144x108

1. Create your hidden treasure island with play-doh.

2. Use the island as your Earth connector with Makey Makey and plug it into your computer.

3. Use Scratch Code piano code and create a pirate piano with a DIY piano cut out and test out your keys.

4. Now, hook up your Jamstik with Garageband on your iPad and play within key with iBone and the Makey Makey pirate piano.

5. Now, here comes the real fun, do a search on the music types of where these various hidden treasures of the World are and what type of music culture is in those area.

6. Now have a set of students tell a story of where they are going to find these hidden treasures and every time they enter these areas. The other students will create the musical atmosphere with the iBone, Jamstik and Makey Makey Pirate Piano.

7. Use the Pebble Watch to keep track of your trips and have students relay any questions from their devices directly to the Pebble Watch to not interrupt the adventure. Record and Enjoy.

0 Jamtutor

This should take a total of two days and 45 minutes each, its a great two day project to really Tech Smash and learn coding and Geography and History. Try it today.


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