Time to Teach like a Pirate with Makey Makey and a Globe

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 7.19.34 PM

  Over the last few weeks, I have been getting into Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. Just earlier today, 5th grade teacher Heidi Jones was talking bout making a play-doh island project with her students. I suggested adding a Makey Makey to it and she said she would love that but didn’t know how to fit that all in. Well, Heidi, this is for you. There is a great Makey Makey project that involves using Scratch with a Globe. You take your Makey Makey and connect it with stick tops and plug it in with Scratch. When you put the pegs down on parts of the globe, it immediately goes to those locations on the map and brings up the info through Google Earth. So, here is the plan, plug in your Makey Makey into your pretend play-doh island and then plug in the USB to your computer through Scratch and set up the coding with Google Earth. UnknownThen using the same plugs go to your inflate globe or as Heidi let me know about, a 3D printed Globe. When you do is have your students plan on a trip by sea from your island to various areas on the globe. Measure the distance between your island and where would you love to sail. 

   Then have students chart their paths through Skitch if you have an iPad or desktop application. This teachers geography, map reading and math. Its a great lesson and a wonderful Tech Smash. Give it a try today and Teach like a Pirate mate. 


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