Mix and Match App Dice



 Hello Everyone,


 I know school is officially going for everyone and I thought I would kick off the week right with some new type of App Dice Smashes. I was hit with this inspiration with one of my Special Ed teachers and I don’t know why I didn’t think about this earlier. Some of the earliest forms of using dice in the classroom is for language and sentence structure. One of the most classic use of dice is having students roll a six sided di with: What, Where, Why, When, Who and How. This helps students work on their story creation when it comes to writing. “Who is the story about?” When they roll the side “who”. “How did they get to their current situation?” The “how” when rolled and so on and so on. With my App Dice I decided to combine the classic Ws and Hs with one of the App Dice. For an example, a student rolls Chatterpix and then rolls Who wit the other dice. The student will then take a picture of their main character and then using Chatterpix will have them explain who the character is. They roll again and come up with Stick Around and then roll “how”. Pretty simple, the student creates a puzzle showing the steps on how the character arrived in their current situation using the App. Students continue this until they have their full story and allows them to be very creative with their story creation. This works also for Math, Science and Social Studies. Give it a try today and Mix & Match your App Dice. 


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