Teach like a Pirate and Re enact those Famous Movie Scenes

For most schools its Homecoming Week. Time to get the school spirit on, crown a new king and queen, cheer on the team on Friday night and end it all with a nice dinner and dance. This week, we decided to re enact famous movie scenes our way. Its pretty simple, if everyone is dressed as the appropriate character, just do the still shots of the famous scenes but to add something a bit different, do it your way. Here I am doing a famous scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier but I’m dressed up as Bushido from DC … Continue reading Teach like a Pirate and Re enact those Famous Movie Scenes

Hold the iPhone: Starbucks App works great on App Dice

Above are brand new App Dice that were created by my 4 nieces (We have a video coming up later). As you can see, they used their favorite Apps on both their iPads and Chromebooks to make their dice. Two that were interesting choices were Starbucks and Hayday. Now, you are probably asking: “How can you use those in education?” Well, I had the girls roll their dice and when Starbucks came up, they started thinking of both goofy ways and very original ways to use Starbucks. My niece, Emma actually realized you could see how many Starbucks were in … Continue reading Hold the iPhone: Starbucks App works great on App Dice

GrooveBook like a Pirate

Hello everyone, What a busy week, so busy I only had time for for two new type of App Dice this week and nothing else. However, while this week was full of busy schedules and little time I was hit with some inspiration in my mailbox on Friday. If you are a watcher of Shark Tank or saw my postings last week, I decided to join, Groovebook. Groovebook works off the simple principal that we take tons of pictures with our mobile devices and never have time to get them printed and sorted.¬†Groovebook is an app that prints up to … Continue reading GrooveBook like a Pirate

Learning to Crawl the Spider-Man Timeline with Stick Around

I was at Ed Camp IL this weekend and I was talking about my favorite App, Stick Around and believe it or not, comic books came up in the conversation. Well, we started talking about Spider-Man over the years and how Learning to Crawl was coming to an end how it it didn’t do a bad job fitting in with the Untold Tales of Spider-Man series in the mid 1990s. That’s when it hit me, I love the Time Line template in Stick Around, and since Spider-Man has been around for over 50 years, there were a lot of real … Continue reading Learning to Crawl the Spider-Man Timeline with Stick Around

Who am I Teach Like a Pirate Badge

I wanted to share this Teach like a Pirate lesson. The entire World is a Stage Hook and Pantomime Hook are some of my favorites since my undergraduate is in theatre. I thought it would be great if a student or teacher dressed up like someone and they gave clues or were a mime and the students would have to make guesses who they were. To take it the next level, instead of the student or teacher saying who was right or wrong, they have a “Hello my Name is” badge that has a QR Code or Aurasma target image … Continue reading Who am I Teach Like a Pirate Badge

What can a Jar teach us?

What have I gone and done now? You see a picture of a large $2 jar with a set of rocks in it and a purple ribbon on top. What is this? Its something I came up with this weekend, this past July my family and I joined a group of friends up north for a beach weekend thanks to my wife’s aunt and uncle. It was nice to get away with friends, had my son play with our friends’ kids an just enjoy life a bit. We don’t do it very much as we would like to. Well, during … Continue reading What can a Jar teach us?

Super App Smash App Dice

Love App Dice but want to take them a little further. Love App Smashing and always know a winning combination. Now, you can really put your App Smashing and App Dice throwing skills to the next level with Super App Smash App Dice. Each side has three or more Apps that you use on a regular basis but then you roll again and have to smash those Apps with the next side. This is for advance App Smashers or those ready to see what they can really do with their devices. Give it a try, and Super App Smash! Continue reading Super App Smash App Dice

Finding Classroom Inspiration in your own Back Yard

Inspiration. We look for it everywhere or it finds us in amazing ways. As educators we are always looking for inspiration to trigger that moment where we turn one ordinary lesson into something extraordinary. As someone always trying to create something for my teachers and students I can find inspiration almost anywhere but sadly there are days where something can destroy your inspiration or you just can’t find it. If you read one of my previous posts, I was hit with a major uninspired days two weeks ago and my nieces ended up inspiring me during a routine visit. This … Continue reading Finding Classroom Inspiration in your own Back Yard