Children, Children what do you See? We see an iPad looking at us!


   Hello Everyone,


BrownBearBrownBearWhatDoYouSee   If you are like me, the school year is in full swing and if you are like me you want to create some exciting new projects and classroom activities for your classroom. Well, I have one for you especially if you are PK-1 classroom. We all know the story, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle. Now, we have all seen the song on Youtube but you can take the classic story to a new level using just one iPad. Yes, just one iPad. The first trick is to scan the pages of the book, I highly recommend using Cam Scan or related App for this process. Then set up a wonderful cast to do the voices of Brown Bear to the Purple Horse and then use Chatterpix to make each of the characters talk with their famous lines. Next, record the teacher saying her famous line to the children. Next, head into iMovie and import each of the videos from Chatterpix into iMove in the correct order and add in a still frame before each video so the teacher can read their introduction before the character speaks. Then when make it to final page when the Children say they see all the characters, record their voices over the final slide show of the book characters to end the story. 

  Its a digital story book brought to life App Smash. Give it a try with Brown Bear or another classic short story, perfect for teaching classroom participation and group activity and can take less then 45 minutes.


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