Makey Makey a Jamstik Concert


  Hello everyone, I was introduced last night to the Jamstik which is a guitar controller designed to interface with the iPad, iPhone, and Mac, giving you the ability to use all of the nuances of guitar playing to control your favorite music creation iOS apps or Mac software. At just over 15″ long, the jamstik is built to fit the form factor of your mobile device to fit your mobile lifestyle – where your iPad goes the jamstik can follow with ease. What a great device and it works perfect with Garageband. Of course, I had to Tech Smash this and it didn’t take very long at all. We have a Makey Makey coming for our school and one of our projects later on is making a concert based on various fruits and recycled items using the Makey Makey through Garageband. So, this part of the Tech Smash is very easily, just set up your Jamstik through an iPad or iPhone and hook up a speaker output. Then take your Makey Makey and connect your “instrumental” items and connect it to your concert band in Garageband on a Macbook Pro. images

  Then finally as your band gets ready to play, either record through Google Glass or digital device to a live Google Hangout through either of them and just enjoy the show. What a great idea huh?


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