Time to Makey Makey that Cup of Coffee



  First of all, a show of hands, who makes more than one pot of coffee in their school, classroom or at home before teaching for the day? How about tea? Yeah, I see all of you raising your hands and mine is up too, which is why my grammar is looking so perfect right now typing with one hand. *Puts hand down* Ok, now back to typing out 80 wpm. I was up early this morning getting ready for a Day Out with Thomas for my son and I was brewing those cups of coffee. Between Melissa and I, we make up to a full 8-10 cups of coffee, so that usually equals 2 full scoops of coffee into our filter.  About two hours later, Melissa’s parents showed up so we could car pool to the Train Museum for the train event and they were sipping their coffee to go. Saying they were doing it lighter by doing 1 scoop for 4-6 cups of coffee between them. Well, that’s when my ideas started brewing themselves. I was thinking just how many scoops of coffee grinds were we using between adults 35-71? That’s when I put a lesson together. 

  I could make a great Math lesson out of this and also use the Makey Makey in process with Google Glass. For your classroom you have your students work on a budget plan because there is a scenario that you need to save money on coffee and if you are truly saving on money by brewing your own coffee or getting it to go on your way to school. The first step is record your making and brewing of coffee at home through Google Glass. Then you record where you pick up coffee to go from a local shop from the front desk. This way you can record just how many scoops of coffee the coffee shop is using to brew their coffee on a larger basis than what you would at home. You then put both prices of what it costs for coffee. At home you are spending around $8.99 for a container of ground coffee that is suppose to brew up to 270 cups of 8 flo oz of coffee. You the teacher explain to the class this usually lasts between you and your family around 3 and half weeks before you have to by a new container of coffee. You then explain that getting the same amount of coffee you drink at home costs up to $1.97 per visit and lasts a good two hours before you are done drinking it. You want to see how much you spend in a month with coffee.s9ebc

   Students then do the math of what you are saving on coffee more at home or by buying it on your way to school each day. You then throw in a curveball that you drink coffee from home 7 days a week while you would only buy coffee on your way to school 5 days out of the week instead of 7 due to the weekend. The students will then do the math through Educreations on their iPads to show and record their work to later share with the teacher. Now, if everything comes up right, students will learn that you spend $39.40 for coffee on the go a month where you would only spend $17.98 in a month on coffee at home since you have to buy another container before the month is over.  Which means you save $21.42 on coffee a month by drinking it from home. Now comes the Makey Makey part. You also want to see how much waste is created between the two. If you are brewing coffee 30 days a month you are using 30 coffee filters but the Coffee Shop is using twice the size of the filter you use and they go through up to 8 filters a day which means they use up to 480 filters a month. The students now need to find a way to take one regular size coffee filter and one coffee shop filter and divide it up into 9 pieces to make out the keys on a calculator and hook it up to the Makey Makey. If everything is completed correctly they will find out they have more filter pieces left over from the Coffee Shop filter. This will show students how to be conservative in spendings and reducing waste as they are forced to make a calculator on the Makey Makey will less pieces on the Coffee Shop filter vs. the home brew filter. Give it a whirl in your Mathematics lesson this year. 


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