The musical Makey Makey Wall

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.18.45 AM


  I was on Twitter a few days ago when I came across a Showbie post here. I was thinking about several of my teachers who are currently getting their classrooms ready for our returning students. I loved how they turned a plain wall into something full of color and enjoyment. That’s when a thought hit me and I did some checking and soon I had a great Tech Smash using Makey Makey, a pair of iPads and Google Glass. The assignment starts out this way, hook the Makey Makey to a USB adaptor on an iPad that has Garageband open. Show students how you can only make so many sounds due to have one type of wall. Then after redecorating the wall with the various colors hook the Makey Makey to each piece of the new wall paper the same way and create a musical concert that you can stream and record through Google Glass. This teaches how to explained into the world of music and color and how you shouldn’t be afraid to try something different. Give it a try. 


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