Numbers and Bubbles and Pebble Watches and Makey Makey


   A couple days ago I was putting together a great Tech Smash with a Makey Makey and an iPad along with Garageband with Bubbles but I thought it was a little too simple. Then early today I was celebrating a friend’s birthday and their son was playing with our other friend’s daughter and my own son around a bubble machine and it hit me. We can do a combine lesson for both Math and Music. For the first Tech Smash we take an iPad and record a student popping bubbles up to 20 seconds. We then play the first 10 seconds of the student popping the bubbles and then pause it. For upper Elementary Students and Middle School Students we create a liner math problem. How many bubbles did the student pop in the first 10 seconds. Then the students need to work out how many bubbles the same student will pop in the last 10 seconds of the recording. Students use the Pebble Watch App to send answers directly to the teacher wearing the Pebble on their estimates. The teacher then plays the rest of the video and see how many bubbles were then popped. 

  To take it up to high school level, students watch the same video and are told to chart the bubbles popped on a scatter chart in Numbers or Excel spreadsheet during the video and rely the information to the teacher through the Pebble Watch. Its a great way to teach liner equations and scatter charts and graphing. Now, here comes the fun part this is the second part of the lesson that leads directly into Makey Makey. Another video is shown of the same student popping the bubbles with a set of wooden sticks hooked up to the Makey Makey through Garageband on a computer or iPad and as they pop the bubbles they create the various melody of music through one of the instruments in Garageband. Turning it around music students then have to create the same piece of music on their instruments from the Makey Makey Bubble playing. Its a great way to teach the different sets of notes and create exercising for moving between the musical sets on an instrument. Now that’s a Tech Smash with a mixture of App Smashing. 


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