OK Glass… let’s play some Hockey!


  I was at the park with my family on a nice pleasant summer evening and we saw a group of neighborhood kids playing roller hockey. They were going back and forth and scoring goals and Melissa said to me: “Too bad they don’t have a buzzer and a light.” Well, that’s when it hit me, you could easily hook up a Makey Makey to the goal posts on both ends and connect them to a buzzer program on a computer. When the ball/puck hits the nets it will trigger the score for each team and buzzer through the Makey Makey. Then to keep an eye on the players moves and plays the referee can use their Google Glass to record and play back the plays to make sure no incorrect calls or penalties happen. They can also live stream the game through the Glass with a wi-fi or bluetooth hook up to the same computer. Simple as that. 


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