Makey Makey iPad Tech Smash

  Hello Everyone,

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 Today is my 100th post on my blog. Yes, hard to believe that 100 posts have come and gone in the last year and to celebrate I’m showing you a great Tech Smash using the iPad App Phonto and Makey Makey. Phonto is a great free App it allows you to take a picture and add multiple text around a picture in many styles and colors. For this Tech Smash I would have students create a word text that describes them. After they have finished the photo they would have their picture printed out. After that, the students will have to darken in letters for a haiku poem they would make on the computer. Now, here comes the twist. The students will be using a Makey Makey attached to their picture to the computer. How does Makey Makey work?photo

  Makey Makey is a control board that turn anything into an invention. You can read about it on their official website The interface is simple by attaching the clips to the Makey Makey board and then to the computer and opening up word. They use their high lighted letters as a keyboard and type out their haiku from their picture and use their pencil cases as the space bar. Pretty cool huh? This is a great Tech Smash to teach students creativity, code and poetry and word association. Try it today.


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