Google Glass and Pebble Watch Tech Smash


screenshot  You know what Google Glass is but do you know what a Pebble Watch is? A Pebble Watch is a SMART Watch that is currently the biggest project to be funded on Kickstarter. This watch works as a direct tie in with your mobile devices from IOS to Android. It allows for text alerts, emails, QR Code reading and works with several 3rd party Apps. One Tech Smash that I know has worked because I was talking with a friend of mine last night is you can Tech Smash a Google Glass with a Pebble. Here is how, you’re the PE teacher of a elementary school and you want to keep a semester record of your students running times in the 50 yard dash. You have the student wear the Pebble Watch and use a Fitness App such as: RunKeeper. This records the pace and activity time of the student runner. You can then use the Google Glass to record and upload the student directly to a Google Drive folder and keep them by grade level and track event. The Pebble watch can then use RunKeeper in a spreadsheet of the recorded and speed times for the runner. This will keep track of students’ enhancement times to chart their progress through the semester. 

  Pretty simple huh?


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