Why use App Dice?

Why use App Dice?

There was a question I received the other day online about why use App Dice? After I saw a set of six sided dice be used for instruction with iPads, it hit me about how much potential there is with using them. We can learn any type of App or resource but sometimes one app doesn’t have to do it. A few months ago when I came up with the 3 App Challenge, I based it on using at least three apps in connection with each other to really bring out any type of project or assignment. Many teachers and students have used “app smashing” to combine more than one application in creating something truly amazing each time. However, I have always been a believe in differentiated learning. You can use three or more Apps together and create something but even using the same ones over and over again can become stagnate.
With App Dice you can roll and get different results or new ideas each time, I had three of my students roll my App Dice and they came up with 3 Apps I have never used together before and within just a few minutes I came up with a fantastic project that my teachers are loving right now. App Dice isn’t about leaving something up to chance its about trying something new and expanding your horizons. I had a first grader who was working on his Daily 5 Work on Words using an App he never thought about using and now his entire class want to use that same App. You can assign one project but then roll an App Dice and come up with several different ways to present the project with what ever side you roll. It really allows a student or teacher to expand their knowledge of using an App or Resource in a way they never thought possible. There is no wrong way to do it and when you think that one App won’t go with another App you might find yourself creating something that you didn’t know was possible with what side you roll on. So, why use App Dice? Why Not use App Dice?


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