How Stick Around by Tony Vincent and MorrisCooke became my favorite App

How Stick Around by Tony Vincent and MorrisCooke became my favorite App

I’ve talked about it, I’ve shared it and even created tutorials on using it. Stick Around by Tony Vincent and MorrisCooke is my favorite App on the iPad. I find myself or my teachers and students using Stick Around on a regular and daily basis from PK all the way up to 12th grade. I’ve even had a few friends of mine who work in college settings use Stick Around for their classes from economics to art. How did Stick Around become my favorite App? Well, the truth was it started way back in the spring of 2013. I was finishing up my second semester as tech facilitator for my school’s iPad program. I was having lunch with my principal and I was researching some new people to follow on my Twitter feed for ideas. He suggested Tony Vincent, I had heard the name but didn’t really follow any of his work. It was barely five minutes later I was checking Tony’s Twitter feed and his website, and not long after that I started following him on Twitter on a regular basis. Tony was so innovative and really knew how to talk to people integrating technology into the classroom for both beginners and advance users.
Then one day I was doing some checks around his website and was talking with one of my classmates and we discovered that Tony was working on his own iPad App. After watching the original trailer, I was floored and checked on a regular basis to know when the App would be available for download. Then Tony posted on his Twitter feed that Stick Around had been submitted to the App Store. I check regularly on the App store for Stick Around and then a few days later it was live and I immediately downloaded it. Within a few minutes I was knee deep in creation. I made up three test puzzles for two lessons that were coming up for my 1st graders and 9th grade science class. I did a few screen captures and sent them to my teachers. Their exact words: “How fast can you get this on our iPads?” Well, I wanted to test all of the features out one at a time and get as creative as I could with the App. I spent over an hour going over, creating and recreating various puzzles from language to basic shapes. I then created a full tutorial on how the App worked and uploaded and shared it with everyone on my Twitter feed and of course to Tony himself.
Tony actually was a bit surprised because the App Store had failed to notify Tony that Stick Around was now live and then he shared my tutorial, which in a couple of hours had been clicked on almost 400 times and continuing to grow. I realized I had to get this App to my student’s iPads as fast as possible. Two days later all elementary, middle school and high school iPads had the App on it. Elementary from PK-2 were using it weekly and high school has started using it more and more since more of my teachers have been creating puzzles for their various classes. My middle school students and higher elementary grade levels have started using it more regularly and I am planning on a full summer teacher workshop on the App in July.
Not a day goes by where I am not thinking about creating a puzzle in Stick Around, I have even started using it for story creation, mind mapping and teacher training for iPad use. The App is so rich in use and creation that sometimes I don’t even know when I’m going to put it down. Stick Around is an amazing App and when used with Explain Everything also by MorrisCooke, they both turn into a powerful education tool for not only students but for teachers and staff as well. Stick Around has been so amazing that it has even inspired me to create my own App that I’m current working on with a few other tech facilitators but that’s another story. Stick Around continues to be the must have App for educators everywhere and while some are a little hesitant on downloading it, I am here to tell you that you should not fear. I have never once regretted or felt frustrated with Stick Around and neither have my teachers or students. They love what Stick Around offers and their faces light up when they solve a puzzle or see one they have created used by their peers. I don’t see myself slowing down with Stick Around and for some reason it comes up regularly on my App Dice throws both in paper and digital form. If you have Explain Everthing, get Stick Around. If you don’t have Explain Everything, still get Stick Around you will be thankful you did. I know I am.


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