Adopt my School with Reading Rainbow

Earlier today, I helped to back the kickstarted for Bringing Back Reading Rainbow. At current, we are a private non-for profit school pk-12 and I am giving my 1 month subscription of Reading Rainbow on our iPads to my Elementary students PK-2. I really wanted to give more but at present I cannot. I’m looking for anyone who wants to back the Reading Rainbow project to adopt our school with a either a full year of Classroom subscriptions or the very generous 20 year for my school for all grades. If you need to contact me, look for me on … Continue reading Adopt my School with Reading Rainbow

Why use App Dice?

There was a question I received the other day online about why use App Dice? After I saw a set of six sided dice be used for instruction with iPads, it hit me about how much potential there is with using them. We can learn any type of App or resource but sometimes one app doesn’t have to do it. A few months ago when I came up with the 3 App Challenge, I based it on using at least three apps in connection with each other to really bring out any type of project or assignment. Many teachers and … Continue reading Why use App Dice?