The 3 App Challenge

Have you tried the 3 App Challenge? The 3 App Challenge is when you use 3 apps together to complete an assignment. Ever use Pages, Google Drive and Explain Everything together? Have students write their papers in Pages. Upload the document to their Google Drive accounts and share the paper with you. Download it and produce feedback for your student through Explain Everything and send it back to them through Google Drive. 

  Love Tellagami but wish you could create longer Gamis? Have your students create several and then save them to their camera roll and splice them together in iMovie as one project and upload it to their Google Drive for review. 

  Love Stick Around but need to get it to more iPads? Create one, upload it to Google Drive and use a QR Scanner to scan a QR Code for a direct download or use Chirp (Ok, that’s 4) but you get the idea. Give it a try with 3 apps you know will work great together.


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