iPad/Tablet Case Review

Mobile technology is everywhere these days. From our jobs to our homes, almost everyone is carrying a type of mobile tablet with them. Of course carrying a small piece of equipment like an iPad can be a problem. Even more, trying to keep it in a safe place without worrying about it falling over and or staying in one place starts to become a problem in this on the go world. Want your child to watch their favorite movie for that long trips to grandma and grandpa’s house but worried they will drop their device? Are you a teacher or business leader who has a problem holding your iPad or tablet while conducting a lesson or meeting?

  Now there is the iPad/Tablet Case by Joel Bell Industrial Design. Joel has created a new type of case that is a natural extension for your mobile tablet device. Most cases have weak straps or don’t allow for any flexibility for rides in the car, presentations or durability. These cases are just what you need to keep your device fasten to your arm, chair, kitchen rack even a coat rack. Design currently for iPads and iPad Airs. Bell has hand crafted a wonderful case for your mobile device you can use almost anywhere and for any age. You can check out the case at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1307647270/tablet-case until February 19th.

   I believe this is a wonderful case that will truly transform how you conduct and carry your iPad or Tablet Device. 


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