Using Skitch as an Overhead Projector



  Using Skitch as an Overhead Projector


The Universal App, Skitch lets you communicate your feedback and important ideas in an instant. Use Skitch to mark up a PDF, snap your screen, annotate a photo, or draw something new. Annotate images and PDFs with arrows, stamps, text, shapes, and more. In this brief tutorial one of my teachers explains how you can use Skitch to replace an Overhead Projector for classroom Instruction.

Here’s what you do…
1.  Take a picture with your iPad of any Blackline master or worksheet you would like to use on an overhead.
2.  Make sure the picture saved in your camera roll.  Then, open the Skitch app.
3.  Click on choose photo.
4.  Select the photo you want to use and make sure you are mirroring your iPad on your flat screen.
5.  Once it is mirroring, turn your iPad horizontally so it will appear larger on your flat screen.
6.  If you click on the marker, you can write on it with your finger!  You can enlarge the photo and zoom it in also.  There is not an eraser, but there is an “undo” button at the top left of your screen.

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