Using Evernote in the Classroom


Digital note taking has become more of a staple in middle and high schools. Even with limited class resources, students are starting to prefer to type out classroom notes than writing them on a notebook. However, sometimes computers break down, mobile devices loose signals or battery life and their notes tend to go right along with them. Evernote is a free online tool that allows everyday devices to be turned into memory extensions. 

   Evernote allows you to store all your classroom notes from text to video and sync it across any computerized device through a cloud service. What is a cloud service you may ask? Cloud Computing is basically a large list of computerized devices that connect to a real time communication network (usually the internet). The cloud also focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources. Cloud resources are usually not only shared by multiple users but as well as dynamically re-allocated as per demand. Evernote is one of these services for students and teachers alike. 

  Evernote allows users to have their notes and documents right at their finger tips no matter where they are or when they need them. Evernote is a free application that works across multiple systems both PC and Mac. Evernote allows you to focus on everything, not just text, pictures, videos, voice notes, geo-tagging, but everything all together in context. 

All Evernotes are:

  • Free
  • Basic service is free.
  • Upgrading to premium is $5 per month.
  • Provides additional features to users such as: Skitch, NotePad and Everpeak.
  • You can upgrade or cancel services at anytime and never lose your notes.

Evernote is a great services for education and businesses alike. Check them out today at:




3 thoughts on “Using Evernote in the Classroom

  1. I am new to technology (sadly), but I am trying to view this video. I can hear the sound, but the screen is white. Do I need to sign up for a schooltube account in order to view it?

    1. No, Schooltube is a free educational video website like Youtube. However, there are some problems with their site right now due to upgrades. It should show up sooner or later.

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