Making Digital Bulletin Boards for your Classroom

Digital Sticky Notes
Digital Sticky Notes

Classroom Bulletin Boards have been used in classrooms for years. They have been used for classroom announcements to collaborating student ideas. How many times have you had students write their ideas on the board or compiled sticky notes or note cards for classroom projects and ideas? You can now enhance classroom bulletin boards by using and Padlet and Lino are great websites that work on both computers and touchscreen devices and don’t require students to have an email address or to remember a username and password. They work as classroom sticky notes that are a lot less messy and interactive. Popplet allows you to brainstorm, mindmap and use presentational tools to enhance learning. Have your students use classroom digital bulletin boards for brainstorming as well as creating digital posters and multimedia projects. Digital Bulletin Boards don’t have to be limited to text. You can also post links, pdfs, videos and images to your digital bulletin board. Students can create a stunning digital collage which includes images, text, video and more using Vuvox. If teachers want to share their student’s work they can use Flipsnack. Scan your best student work and load it to Flipsnack. Then have each student talk about their amazing work at the IWB.

Once you have your Digital Bulletin Board created. How do you get students there? Well, if you have a website or class start page, you can simply add it as a hyperlink. A great option for mobile device users is to make the address into a QR code. This way students can scan the code and automatically be taken to your wall. Padlet provides a QR code for each wall and Linoit and Vuvox are very QR Code friendly. You can learn more about QR Codes and how to use them here. You can also use great IOS code share known as Chirp. Chirp is an IOS app that allows you to share pictures, links, and video by creating a type of musical sound that can be picked up and shared on IOS devices.

Digital Bulletin Boards are great for students and teachers to collaborate, communicate and learn. To learn more about how to enhance your classroom through Digital Bulletin Boards. Please check out Learning in Hand by Tony Vincent.




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