Online Resources for Teachers and Students  There are a multitude of online resources that both teachers and student can use for taking their classroom to the next level. In this tutorial video I discuss the ways you can use online resources such as Delicious to Pinterest for all of your classroom needs. Advertisements Continue reading Online Resources for Teachers and Students

Reading with Pictures

  Reading has always been a magical experience from the young to the young at heart. Reading Comprehension enhancement can enhance a students learning from elementary to high school. There has been various research and discussion about early intervention and teaching basic reading skills to kids before the age of nine. But what happens to kids with delayed reading skills when they enter middle and high school? Are accommodations in the classroom enough? Enter Reading with Pictures. Reading With Pictures was founded in 2009 by award-winning graphic novelist and nationally syndicated cartoonist Josh Elder in order to revolutionize the role of … Continue reading Reading with Pictures

Using Evernote in the Classroom Digital note taking has become more of a staple in middle and high schools. Even with limited class resources, students are starting to prefer to type out classroom notes than writing them on a notebook. However, sometimes computers break down, mobile devices loose signals or battery life and their notes tend to go right along with them. Evernote is a free online tool that allows everyday devices to be turned into memory extensions.     Evernote allows you to store all your classroom notes from text to video and sync it across any computerized device through a cloud service. What … Continue reading Using Evernote in the Classroom

Making Digital Bulletin Boards for your Classroom

Classroom Bulletin Boards have been used in classrooms for years. They have been used for classroom announcements to collaborating student ideas. How many times have you had students write their ideas on the board or compiled sticky notes or note cards for classroom projects and ideas? You can now enhance classroom bulletin boards by using and Padlet and Lino are great websites that work on both computers and touchscreen devices and don’t require students to have an email address or to remember a username and password. They work as classroom sticky notes that are a lot less messy and … Continue reading Making Digital Bulletin Boards for your Classroom