The Maker Board

The new school year is beginning and many teachers are looking for something that will inspire creativity in their students and also build on lessons. Do you always notice that no matter what teachers seem to decorate up their white boards, with colorful signs, agendas for the day and so forth. It starts becoming background noise. In fact, originally blackboards that later transitioned into whiteboards and Smart Boards. Were meant to not just be information to show students, but to be interactive for students to not only show knowledge, but be interactive with the classroom. That seems to have fallen to the side a bit these days and turned into just a glorified bulletin board. That’s all sight and no real interaction. So, on that note, let’s introduced the Maker Board.

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App Smash Flipgrid with Adobe Spark Post

August 1st, yes the unofficial getting ready for the school year (though I know some of my friends are already back in school). I have lessons and projects set up and putting some special fun for my students this fall and of course I have to test one of them out and of course, two of my favorites, Flipgrid and Spark Post turned into something really great that you can use for your classroom.

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Book reviews of: I want to be a Lot, Don’t Ditch that Tech and more

I review a new set of books from my summer reading. I want to be a Lot by Ashley Savage, Don’t Ditch that Tech by Matt Miller, Nate & Angelia Ridgway. Dolphin in Trees by Aaron L. Polansky. Re Define by Elizabeth Savage and Princes of Serendip by Allyson Aspen. Great books for any classroom. Continue reading Book reviews of: I want to be a Lot, Don’t Ditch that Tech and more

Book Reviews of: Teaching Land, Lens of Serendipity & Hacking School Libraries

In the first of my Summer Reading Book Reviews, I review Though the Lens of Serendipity by Allyson Aspey. Teachingland by Amanda Fox and Mary Ellen Weeks and Hacking School Libraries by Kristina A. Holzweiss & Stony Evans. I give all three books 5 Stars and I hope you pick them up for your summer reading. Continue reading Book Reviews of: Teaching Land, Lens of Serendipity & Hacking School Libraries

Rent Vs Own with Google Maps

Hello Everyone,
As we begin the end of the school year, many of us are trying to fit in those final lessons, AP tests and even doing some outlines for next year’s classes. I’m here with a great lesson that worked very well with my Consumer Education students the past two years that I have gradually improved on each semester. This lesson asks the classic question after leaving school and of course working: “Rent vs. Own”.

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T-rex Game Maker Space

Last year, I ran into a problem in my classroom. Our internet was pulled for maintenance just after we had completed a test. I had my entire less thrown out until the following week and we were planning on doing an online car search for their budget projects were about to begin. As a result, I decided to do something different. I activated the T-Rex Google Chrome Game and we did a classroom competition based on Consumer Education Questions we had previously reviewed. It was great fun and gave the students a chance to “unplug” from our digital learning. Later that year I decided to transform that on our feet thinking into a true Maker Space Project.

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